Alt Moabit 71, Akron 10022, Colorado United States

BRAVO is a multi-functional employee experience management, incentive and recognition, platform. Employees and managers can recognize one another, redeem awards, gain access to unique corporate discounts, and track achievement with BRAVO, allowing recruitment teams to focus on driving results rather than maintaining programs. BRAVO's employee experience management system intentionally influences each touchpoint that an employee has with an organization, from recruitment to onboarding to exit. IT and HR have a key role in implementing solutions that enable people to function at their best. Peer recognition and reward alternatives are available in some solutions. Rewards aren't tied to a specific industry or team, and they may be given out to everyone in the firm for anything from a year's worth of service to a consistently cheerful attitude. Employee recognition software is not the same as employee engagement software, but it can be integrated.

Alt Moabit 71 Akron, Colorado 10022 United States

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