Fine HandCrafted Jewelry and Gemstones

1102A Shelton Beach Rd., Saraland 36571, Alabama United States

Fine HandCrafted Jewelry is a specialized jewelry and gemstone outlet that offers fine hand crafted faceted gemstone jewelry, faceted gemstones, and jewelry making tutorials that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We build faceted gemstone jewelry by hand for all types of styles including bridal, anniversary, birthday, fashion, infant, child and many others. Each piece or set we offer is built to last a lifetime. For those wanting to build their own jewelry, we offer jewelry making tutorials not available anywhere else in the world. Our tutorials focus on building faceted gemstone jewelry by hand so no elaborate or expensive equipment is necessary. Our tutorials have been successfully helping artists to build beautiful faceted gemstone jewelry for almost 15 years. We also offer excellent customer service, super low prices, fast shipping, guarantees on jewelry and gemstones and lifetime support for all of our tutorials.

1102A Shelton Beach Rd. Saraland, Alabama 36571 United States

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