Dustless Blasting Direct

10726 Libby Number 3 Rd, Clermont 34715, Florida United States

AUTOMOTIVE Perfect for restoring all types of vehicles including classic cars, modern cars, coach buses, campers, RVs, fleet vehicles, heavy machinery, trucks, tractors, trailers, and much more. COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS We can restore your commercial buildings, public garages, municipal properties or any other blasting needs. MARINE Removing old anti fouling bottom paint can be a daunting task with back breaking sanding and grinding. Safe on Any Surface Perfect for restoring all types of surface including wood, metal, bricks, concrete and much more. Eco-Friendly Our system uses 100% recycled glass media. Our Machine is DUST FREE and can be used anywhere. Fast and Effective No sanding or grinding. We can blast clean any surface in no time

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